An introduction to CoHLA

Configuring HLA (CoHLA) is an open source domain specific language (DSL) that allows the user to quickly construct a co-simulation from a set of simulation models. CoHLA focuses on the construction of the co-simulation and a number of additions for the co-simulation instead of the full CPS design. Its goal is to minimise the effort that is required to construct a co-simulation, so that existing methodologies could easily adapt CoHLA for co-simulation construction. CoHLA uses the HLA standard for the coordination of the co-simulation. Currently, only the open source HLA implementation OpenRTI is supported by CoHLA.

Using the CoHLA plugin for Eclipse, a co-simulation specification can be created to describe the simulations participating in the co-simulation. From this specification, source code is generated that can be used with an implementation of the HLA standard (OpenRTI). A run-script is also generated to allow the user to easily compile and run the co-simulation. For more information on the language itself, please read the manuals and/or papers on the matter. These can be found on the documentation page.