All CoHLA downloads can be found on this page.

Eclipse plugin

The CoHLA plugin for Eclipse can be installed by adding the following URL as installation source. After that, the plugin can be selected for installation. It is advised to have the Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers installed.


VirtualBox image

To try out CoHLA without having to install the framework, a VirtualBox image was created. This image can be imported in VirtualBox as a virtual machine and runs on Ubuntu 18.04. CoHLA as well as all of its dependencies are installed. A workspace with a sample project is also included.

Download VirtualBox image (3.9 GB)


For the moment, only one sample project can be downloaded. This section may be extended in the future.


An example CoHLA project is the co-simulation of a domestic heating system. It is a rather intuitive example consisting of only two types of models: a thermostat and multiple rooms. The thermostat attempts to maintain the temperature in the room(s) within a fixed bandwidth around the target temperature.

Download RoomThermostat project (301 KB)


The CoHLA language and libraries are available open source from Github. A set of sample papers can also be found here.